Curt Morgan

CEO, Founder and Owner

As CEO, Curt Morgan is responsible for new product development, long-term planning and strategic partnering. He brings with him experience as a mining engineer with extensive knowledge in information and systems integration. As a miner he held the position of General Superintendent the year the mine won the prestigious “Sentinels of Safety” award. He was the mine’s Engineering Manager when it set the yearly record for US coal production. As a research scientist at Exxon’s Research Production Company, he developed some of the first mine simulation programs that integrated geologic modeling with mine production logistics. Following his work in the mining industry, Morgan went on to assist the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in integrating logistics systems with advanced weapons simulations. He led projects integrating information for nuclear sites, nuclear submarine design and air-war gaming. As the emergent technologies were released for commercialization, Morgan returned to the mining industry and formed what is now Dimension Technology Solutions, Inc.

Morgan created DTS to develop a holistic and practical approach to integration that supports both operations and business needs. He is considered an expert in information modeling and his information model for large metals mines – including mining, leaching, mills, smelter, rod plants and electro refining – is one of the most comprehensive in the world.

He has been awarded three Small Business Innovative Research grants from the Department of Energy for his work on the use of neural networks in signal processing. Other accomplishments include publishing papers on information integration and chairing conference sessions on artificial intelligence. His prior field experience in mining and construction, combined with his experience with advanced weapon systems, have convinced him that most complex problems are best solved with proven technologies applied with a liberal dose of common sense. Morgan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado.

Ryan Morgan


As president, Ryan Morgan is responsible for day-to-day operations. He began his career as an award-winning print journalist before joining DTS in 2009.

During his tenure at DTS, Ryan Morgan led the development of the eMESA Live web services and iOS platform and implemented the first suite of iOS mobile applications for a statewide electric utility. These apps provided GPS-based solutions for field crews, and formed the basis for incident management and response during the 2011 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit attended by world leaders in Honolulu, including President Obama.

He led the Brazilian implementation of a global process framework implementing eMESA across three continents for the world’s fourth-largest gold company. This implementation required adapting eMESA to suit site practices, and also required integration with the site’s Mincom Ellipse ERP maintenance system.

Ryan Morgan has led the implementation and detailed development of DTS’s EPlus solution, beginning with EPlus 0, which is Ensco’s synchronization “engine,” which resulted in an 80 percent savings in satellite bandwidth for Ensco.

He has led further advances in capabilities and features of this solution, which is now live at three client sites. EPlus is DTS’s next-generation solution, which is aimed at tackling the complexities posed by AI, the Internet of Things and Big Data.

Sunni Morgan

Operations Manager

Sunni Morgan began her career as quality control specialist in the nuclear industry, where she worked as a project manager at the Idaho National Laboratory Clean-Up Project. In that role, she managed projects from initiation to management and DOE approval phases. In that role, she was also responsible for facilitating the approval process of new nuclear clean-up projects through MSA and DOE approval assessments, as well as the approval of the High-Rad TRU Waste and Contaminated Pond Water Removal projects.

She joined DTS in 2013, leading a research team responsible for the development of key EPlus 4 capabilities, including IoT applications.

A summa cum laude graduate from the University of Idaho with a degree in Operations Management, she took over the role of Operations Manager in 2015. In that role, Sunni Morgan is charged with building DTS’s quality assurance program, drawing on the rigor of both her educational background and nuclear experience.