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The Dashboard provides a one-stop source for all of your data, including Key Performance Indicators, embedded graphs and recently assigned Work Orders.

Key Performance Indicators

eMESA Live provides users with one version of the truth. Key Performance Indicators provide a powerful, intuitive means of tracking performance across your organization.

Planning and Scheduling

eMESA Live provides a clear, simple and powerful solution for planning, scheduling and work execution management. Users enjoy clear views of scheduled tasks and color-coded parts availability. Closing out a shift in eMESA Live takes just minutes, not hours.

Work Orders

Creating Work Orders in eMESA Live is easy: One screen, 10 fields, 60 seconds. eMESA LIve's intuitive, easy-to-use Web interface seamlessly integrates with your existing EAM or CMMS systems. The Equipment Auto-Complete feature suggests matches based on equipment number, description or colloquial name – which makes it simple to find the equipment you're looking for.


Requisitioning items – either from inventory or to purchase – is easy in eMESA Live's shopping cart environment.

Equipment Tracking

eMESA Live allows you to easily track and maintain all of your equipment.