Prior to DTS’ involvement with Vale, the organization had acquired several other mining companies. Most of those companies already had EAM / ERP systems in place. Vale needed to quickly ensure that management could accurately measure those newly acquired entities’ performance, inventories, and transactions—and incorporate all of those measurements into a reliable management reporting tool. With as many as eight conversion steps for a single process, ensuring data integrity and consistent data flow was a particularly challenging task.


Based on the eMESA codebase, DTS designed, developed, and deployed the "intelliVerse" (commercially referenced as The Core™, or "Co-existence Of Related Enterprise"). The Core consists of several key modules:


During User Acceptance Testing, users and administrators praised intelliCart's ease of use and effectiveness, particularly in handling data translations and cross-referencing. A few of their comments:

"With intelliCart, anyone on my team can manage data translations and cross referencing effectively."

"The user interface makes this application a breeze to understand."

"Much like eMESA™, the intelliVerse front end is easy to navigate, and complex management of cross referencing is made very simple."

"I like the fact that intelliVerse doesn't require anything more than a brief introduction and familiarization. My team was able to see it, and immediately use it effectively."

"We did review another product for the translation and cross referencing, but the fact that the intelliVerse can be managed by any user rather than a single administrator made our choice much easier.”

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