In 2000, Rio Tinto Energy America (RTEA) – formerly Kennecott Energy Company – came to DTS with a challenge to improve its planning and scheduling capability. While the ERP system that RTEA used had some planning and scheduling capability for work orders, it couldn't schedule work to a shift level, assign groups of individuals to the work or allow floor-level supervisors to do their jobs efficiently.

Most of RTEA's supervisors were using spreadsheets or, more often, paper-based systems, to do job assignments and keep job-level and shift-level notes. At the end of their shifts, supervisors were at most passing-on to the next shift these various unstandardized hand-written notes. The best that supervisors could do to record the work was to put the notes into a three-ring binder as a shift log for later reference.


DTS developed a proof of concept for RTEA that later became what is now marketed as DTS’ flagship product, eMESA™. This initial version of eMESA addressed the challenges initially presented by RTEA: The software allowed a scheduler to see their backlog, add any job-specific notes required and schedule the work to the shift level. It also had a screen that then allowed a supervisor to see the scheduled work for the day, assign the work to individuals on that shift, and allowed the supervisor to do end of shift activities such as leave notes, complete work, and pass work on to the next shift.

Nine years later, eMESA looks very different. But shift-level scheduling and Work Execution Management is still at the heart of the application.

DTS provides deep EAM experience and a variety of products, including eMESA™, an EAM software solution that allows operators to focus on process improvement and asset utilization instead of user training. DTS and eMESA™ can streamline your business processes in an easy-to-use, 100% web-enabled solution that maximizes your existing investment in your ERP/EAM. With DTS, you implement your process, your way.

Rio Tinto Energy America (RTEA) is among the safest and most efficient energy producers in the world. Headquartered in Gillette, Wyoming, RTEA provides the fuel for approximately six percent of the nation’s electricity through four coal mines it operates in the Western United States. RTEA is affiliated with the Rio Tinto Group of companies, which makes it part of one of the world’s leading consortiums in finding, extracting and processing mineral resources. RTEA believes in reliable and affordable energy, and in balancing economic growth and environmental protection. RTEA embraces sustainable development by providing for today and protecting for tomorrow.