A More Efficient Way to Work...

eMESA Live is a powerful role-based workflow system that is designed to accommodate the complex process requirements of asset-intensive industries.

Our software is unique in its ability to be easily integrated into current company processes and is easily customizable for a variety of industrial applications for a range of companies; manufacturing, utility, and industrial.

  • eMESA Live is the Entire Package

  • Domain Specific Functionality. Domain-Specific Functionality
  • Process-Oriented. Process-Oriented: Design Your Own Process Flows
  • Geospatial Mapping Geographically Smart Solutions
  • Dynamic Content Dynamic Content
  • Integration Ease of Integration - Reduced Training Time

Project Life-Cycle Support

From the build phase to maintenance, eMESA Live provides support during the entire life of your project

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Customer Success Stories

eMESA's Impact at the Job Site

Watch these videos to see how eMESA has had a positive impact on the way our customer's conduct their day-to-day operations.

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