• Curt Morgan

    CEO, Co-Founder and Owner

    As CEO, Curt Morgan is responsible for new product development, long-term planning and strategic partnering. He brings with him experience as a mining engineer with extensive knowledge in information and systems integration. As a miner he held the position of General Superintendent the year the mine won the prestigious “Sentinels of Safety” award. He was the mine’s Engineering Manager when it set the yearly record for US coal production. As a research scientist at Exxon’s Research Production Company, he developed some of the first mine simulation programs that integrated geologic modeling with mine production logistics. Following his work in the mining industry, Morgan went on to assist the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in integrating logistics systems with advanced weapons simulations. He led projects integrating information for nuclear sites, nuclear submarine design and air-war gaming. As the emergent technologies were released for commercialization, Morgan returned to the mining industry and formed what is now Dimension Technology Solutions, Inc.

    Morgan created DTS to develop a holistic and practical approach to integration that supports both operations and business needs. He is considered an expert in information modeling and his information model for large metals mines – including mining, leaching, mills, smelter, rod plants and electro refining – is one of the most comprehensive in the world.

    He has been awarded three Small Business Innovative Research grants from the Department of Energy for his work on the use of neural networks in signal processing. Other accomplishments include publishing papers on information integration and chairing conference sessions on artificial intelligence. His prior field experience in mining and construction, combined with his experience with advanced weapon systems, have convinced him that most complex problems are best solved with proven technologies applied with a liberal dose of common sense. Morgan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado.

  • Fred Hiers


    As President of Dimension Technology Solutions, Fred Hiers is responsible for day to day operations, new product development and customer and partner services and engagements.

    Prior to joining DTS, Hiers spent 17 years in the aerospace and logistics industries, as well as the Department of Defense. Hiers has spent many years working with both domestic and foreign government clients to provide the right solutions to complex problems. Hiers began his career in the U.S. Army as an AH-64A armament/electrical repairer, which gave him a deep understanding of the importance of having the right information available to make critical decisions in a 24/7 environment. He took these lessons with him into the civilian industry, where he provided on-site training support and maintenance at the National Training Center for M.I.L.E.S. system on the AH-64A helicopter.

    Hiers next moved on to the Boeing Company, where he developed corrective/ preventive maintenance, troubleshooting task, provisioning, software requirements, integration testing and software development for various customers both foreign and domestic . This experience gave Hiers the opportunity to see the relationship between the maintenance and material processes within logistics, how they interact and where the problems arise. Hiers next moved on to work for Lockheed Martin as the Supportability Maintenance/Material Lead for the Ellipse implementation for the Deepwater program. The leadership role provided hands-on experience with a large-scale EAM implementation, and the issue with providing a balance between the schedule/contract, the software, and what the functional process requires.

    Hiers’ experiences working with many different customers and cultures has taught him to quickly understand different business process between customers, while at the same time providing the base that has allowed him to develop a sound understanding of taking real world business and maintenance processes and moving them into the digital world to provide the customer the best solution to perform their mission 24/7.

    Hiers holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.