About Us

Since 1994, Dimension Technology Solutions has been providing powerful and practical solutions that make it possible for asset-intensive companies to get the most out of their existing information systems. DTS’s clients range from the coal companies that produce 25 percent of the United States’ energy output to the United States Coast Guard.

These organizations depend heavily on their assets, and DTS understands the daily real-world challenges facing the people responsible for running and maintaining plants and mobile equipment fleets. We provide realistic and practical solutions to leverage existing information systems.

Our specialty is making your systems work together as simply as possible – and work in a way that fits your processes. We are proven information integrators certified in all major ERP systems including SAP and Oracle.

Our Principles

  • Clients First
  • Strong Client Relationships
  • Dedicated Technical Support
  • Standards-Driven Development
  • Maintain Industry Knowledge
  • Integrity in all Situations
  • Lead the Way in Industry Standards

Solutions for the people who keep the business running

We provide the products and experience that allows operators to focus on process improvement to keep vital assets running efficiently while using existing business systems. We keep the promises that the software vendors made to you when you bought their solutions. Before you think of making a major investment in new software, give us a call or drop us an email to see how far you can take your existing systems.

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